Respawn Inc. - No place for respawn killers!

The clan was born as a tag - and an idea. Back in Q3A-demo times we thought of a way to make our names unique in some way. We searched for a tag that was easy to recognize and that had a meaning not too obvious - but still present.

Once you kill your opponent, his health and armor as well as his weapon equipment is resetted. So there you are: FCE2 - this is the hex code of the ROM's RESET-routine on the first real homecomputer - the Commodore 64.

With the arrival of Unreal Tournament we were caught by the thrill of Capture the Flag - it's just fantastic to play with your mates in one team and try together capping the other teams flag. After a while we found people who share our style of playing - and who are as old aehh... mature as we are. :)

The old trusty Commodore-64, sniff!
Our new logo is based on similiar facts. Its taken from an old symbol dated as early as around 2000 B.C. It has several meanings but some are, Return, Homecoming and even this is a good house for work :)
So we decided to form a clan, that's a bit different and where the members share our philosophy:

We are an active clan!

Members are expected to be regular UT players and participate active in clan trainings and clan discussion.

We are an ambitious clan!

We want FCE2 to be known as a clan of decent fraggers. Thus we are looking for members, who usually end up at the top end of the scoreboard on public servers. Members are requested to improve their skills by regular training!

We are a mature and fair-play clan!

We want FCE2 to be known as a clan of sportsmen. Thus all members are requested to follow these guidelines:

No flaming and taunting of opponents on servers or forums, unless they behave like @#%$. Let your weapons speak instead.

No bragging about yourself or the clan's skillz on servers or forums. Our results should say enough.

No excessive clan-style play on FFA servers. If several FCE2 members dominate a FFA server, we split on the two teams!

Fair play on FFA servers. Try to balance games as far as possible! - Be nice to newbies. They may be future l33t members of our clan. :)
These are guidelines, not strict rules. Each member may decide himself, how strict he interprets them and when exceptions are acceptable. Just keep in mind, that you are a member of the clan and responsible for it's public reputation!