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#46 Phyllo 26-11-2004 13:51

I would like to get in touch with littleflower. I can be most of the time found in #sf.ut2k4 or @ MSN: wpbirds@hotmail.com or @ ICQ: 273-107-085


#45 Mas 13-09-2004 14:34
Nice Site,

Im Impressed
#44 dw.azuma 27-08-2004 23:10
Hi Leutz nette Page stöber gerade alle CTF Clans durch, man spielt sich wohl mal, wir spielen UT2k4 Classic.
Grüssle von Druckwelle

#43 Scope 30-04-2004 11:06
hey guys, the reason i havent been in contact is that i had a nasty virus on my computer, then we redecorated oh and i have lost my trillian chat program so i am stuck on msn messenger, and dont think i can contact u guys with it!?

#42 $TNT$MrSetup 24-04-2004 21:19
Hello to you,

nice site, nice people, nice server, nice to meet you :-)

I hope there is time to play a war against you. Contact our leader or me. www.tnt-netbase.de

hope to see you out there

#41 ]VVV[/\/€m€$i$ 21-01-2004 10:42
Hello @ all,

nice website here :-) .
I have a question.
What think the FCE2-Team about trains with VVV ? We see us on our server and i think you can consider my suggestion. Greetz @ all members of FCE2

#40 FCE2|Saffy 16-01-2004 22:07
Hallo ]VVV[TouchOfEvil, nice to see you here
We are big fans of your server, it has provided us with many a good time! I hope you do not mind us playing on your server from time to time
The sound files are excellent, my favorite one being "I'm Not Gonna To Fight You, I'm Gonna Kick Your Ass!!! LOL that is so funny

Cya soon TOE.
#39 Ryan 16-01-2004 14:55
Hey, i have logged onto the message bored and sent an email to you guys about joining, just wondering if I could come to a practice sometime? Thanks
#38 ]VVV[TouchOfEvil 05-01-2004 23:45
Hello Leutz, greetings from germany to you. We are afraid that you come to our server. Please apology my bad english. With our new member from the netherlands i have to speak more in english and it would be better in the next time. I hope you have fun on our server and meet us again in the next time. Greetz TOE
#37 Scope 04-01-2004 19:21
Hi guys,
I havent been able to be online for ages, but im back now. so hi, and whats up?

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