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#36 Sundown 25-12-2003 15:39
Forum's back
#35 Matruder 22-12-2003 09:21
Wassup with our forum? Me
wants to forumzors a bit...:/
#34 Scope 01-12-2003 18:03
lol, cheers Saffy
#33 FCE2|Saffy 26-11-2003 23:59
Hey Scope, nice to see ya around I rarely visit here hence your missed post!hehe
Hang out in our channel and don't forget to add us to your buddy list =)
#32 scope 24-11-2003 14:48
hiya, you guys rock. i just wanted to say that(in a totally non ass kissing kinda way)
do you think i can come along to a praccy sometime?
(wowbagger-if thats right?)

#31 Scope 08-10-2003 08:12
hiya, i've been a bit busy,so i haven't been online for a few days. :-(

#30 scope 30-09-2003 16:21
btw i was simply wondering how long i should wait to expect a reply from my e-mail

thnx Scope
#29 scope 30-09-2003 15:27
hiya all, i am just browsing your site after playing a game with a few of your members who directed me here if i was interested in joining.
btw i have just sent an e-mail via recruiting.

thnx Scope
#28 Sundown 02-05-2003 09:50
Hi Ashey,

just hit the "Recruiting" button to send an email to us.
In short:
Best thing is to follow the forum-link and write something about yourself... enter the channel #fce2 in quakenet, hang around with us. Add a buddy FCE2|* and frag along. The rest will follow for sure!
#27 Ashey 02-05-2003 07:35
I wanna join the clan. how do i?
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