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#26 ^SeZ^ 08-04-2003 11:25
Nice to see you back in action! :thumbsup

btw the new page is really cool!
#25 GrimStar 28-03-2003 08:45
Just keep'n it real. :p

Nice site btw, very nice layout.
#24 wowbagger 18-03-2003 16:26
Grim! goddamn, what brings you to this side of the earth?
#23 GrimStar 16-03-2003 00:48
Hi, Hello, G'day.
#22 ferral 05-03-2003 13:06
Both doing fine m8 (Lack of properly shared net connection aside)

TT won the first jolt UK2K3 season and we've just started the 2nd. 1 for 1. so far so good

#21 bugX|DaLan 23-02-2003 08:30
Hi @ll,

greetz to all from germany

spezial greets to sundown


#20 SU3000 22-02-2003 14:25
Haven't been to the UK yet (takes money), but finding a job wasn't that hard. At the moment I'm looking again though, for one which doesn't suck and pays a bit better

Hope to see you online again someday.
#19 cryton 20-02-2003 21:06
lo Fishy, ferral and su3k fishy, get me at cryton"at"ntlworld.com - or anyone else for that matter.

hows you ferral? and how's reap? TT still going strong? what's insta like on ut2k?

fishy, rae&christian own :> i'll be back one day, until then you'll have to learn to be a lamer on IRC until uncle cryton comes back and can make you look good :>

su3k - how's you man? did you make it to the UK in the end? how's your job hunting going?
#18 SU3000 18-02-2003 10:36
#17 [MD]FT 07-02-2003 16:03

come back!!, everyday I listen to Christan and Rae to remind me of you!!

whats your e-mail addy cryton

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