New playable UTpre-alpha build Comments (0) Wowbagger 05-03-2016 13:14

Epic has made a new pre-alpha playable build available. Get it through Epics Game launcher.
Release notes are available here.


Significant performance improvement for medium and high end systems.
Bug fixes and stability focus.
New Bighead mutator.
Elo and ranking system overhaul, with beginner badges.
Weapon balance and movement tweaks.
Bot AI improvements.

Star Citizen Alpha 2.2 Live! Comments (0) Wowbagger 04-03-2016 18:40

All backers can access the latest patch on the Live server via the Star Citizen launcher. In addition to a host of bug fixes and balancing updates, Alpha 2.2 includes a number of ships, new features and gameplay elements!

Happy B-day Respawners! Comments (0) Wowbagger 03-03-2016 18:37

Yes, someone remembered for once.

UT alphas first build of 2016 Comments (0) Wowbagger 02-02-2016 17:58

Epic has released a new build for the UT alpha.

Upgraded to Unreal Engine version 4.11. This includes the engine changes in version 4.9, 4.10, and 4.11.
DM-Sand is a new playable Deathmatch shell.
Increased character scale by 15%.
Improvements and polish for Showdown and Team Showdown.
Weapon balance tweaks.
Improved and streamlined pre-match intro and post-match summary.
Improved skill ranking calculation and display.
Fixed various networking issues, including double shock core shooting crash.
Bug fixes and improvements to spectating and replay viewing.

Read more here
The new build can be downloaded through the launcher as usual.

Vermintide gets a Hotfix Comments (0) Wowbagger 21-11-2015 16:56

Fatshark released a hotfix for Vermintide this week.

- Fixed an issue with levelling up

Click to enlarge

We expect to be deploying a larger patch next week which will include several optimization fixes and bug fixes.

The UT alpha gets a new build Comments (0) Wowbagger 21-11-2015 16:35

The November 19th build of the new Unreal Tournament Alpha is out. grab it through the Epic launcher.

TLDR: Major Changes This Build
Support for Win32 Unreal Tournament in the new Win32 Epic Launcher.
Enhanced Spectating System and Replay improvements.
Improvements to Showdown and Team Showdown.
New gameplay shell CTF-Plaza.
Bot AI improvements.
Networking improvements.
Full Patch notes Here.

It was also revealed during the stream that DM-Chill is the next map to be fully textured.

Concept art by Gooba.

Top 5 Unreal plays #12 Comments (0) Wowbagger 15-11-2015 19:30

Zaccubus gathers the 5 most impressive plays (and fail) in the new UT.


Firefall a F2P Sci-Fi Shooter Comments (0) Wowbagger 22-08-2011 17:03

Firefall is a F2P Sci-Fi shooter that losely looks like a mix of Borderlands and Global Agenda. Red 5 will invite people using a system much like Spotify did (does in the US)
People will get several invites that they can send to friends so that they can play... with their friends.

Click to enlarge



BF3 Co-op Demo Comments (0) Matruder 18-08-2011 15:52

DICE showed some co-op gameplay on the GamesCom press event watch it here:!

It also contains the latest mp video in the end.


BF3 Confirmed Multiplayer Bits Comments (0) Matruder 14-08-2011 07:40

DICE latest and greatest game, Battlefield 3, is coming on the 25:th of Oct.
I found some info about what Multiplayer will include:

-Players: 64 players on PC, 24 players on Xbox 360/PS3.
-No Commander. Commander feature won’t be included, as DICE will focus on “lowering the threshold” for players.
-4 classes, just like in Bad Company 2. DICE feels this is the sweet spot for the game.
-Battlefield 2 maps, several BF2 maps will return in a DLC called “Back to Karkand”. The maps are: Strike at Karkand, Gulf of Oman, Wake Island and Sharqi Peninsula.
-New squad features. DICE plans to take the squad system to the next level, offering new features. According to the Game Informer interview, DICE says, “We have some really cool things that we’ll show later when it comes to dictating how you play with friends“.
-Weapons and unlocks. BF3 will have more weapons and unlocks than in Bad Company 2, which itself had the most weapons and unlocks of any Battlefield game to date.
-Deeper persistence, rankings. One of the issues with Bad Company 2 was that most of the weapons were unlocked before reaching half of the ranks. Says DICE in the GI interview, “we’re also making sure that there is a reason for you to reach the top rank. It doesn’t just end. There will be a lot of focus on persistence and how we present stuff to the player.”
-Jets will return, so far only the US F18 and Russian Mig 29 have been spotted in various trailers.
-Prone will return, DICE will counter prone will killcam, bullet traces and other ways in order to balance the gameplay.
-Killcam will be back and it will be a feature that can be turned on/off on server to server basis.
-DICE will have more focus on post-release content (DLC)
-Co-op for the single player campaign
-No mod tools at release

Unconfirmed, but likely:
-In-game movie recording is technically possible, but DICE is looking into how to incorporate it into the final product.
-3 war-theaters: New York, Paris, Tehran, although it is unsure whether this is for the singleplayer campaign, multiplayer, or



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