HD footage of UT2007 + 2 Pics Comments (0) Wowbagger 25-08-2006 14:30

Theres no better way to judge the graphics in UT2007 than to watch it in HD quality.
BeyondUnreal provides a LINK

And as if that wasnt enough two new screenshots were released by Epic.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

New Steve Polge interview Comments (0) Wowbagger 20-05-2006 11:01

Over at Beyond Unreal Spineblaze and Twreck has released a really good interview with Steve Polge.
Some of the new info is,

- Dodge Jump is out. (right now)
- Shieldbelt is back. (along with Tighpads, Vest and the new Helmet)
- Seamless streaming of maps.
This will not (what alot of people think) load the map BEFORE the first one has ended. It WILL on the other hand let you continue to Chat, Change teams or watch yours or other players Stats while the next map loads.
And it will NOT start until all players have loaded the map.
- You can reach stats through the Scoreboard.

You can download it HERE

E3 IGN interview + new screens Comments (0) Wowbagger 08-05-2006 21:01

E3 is here again and so are the UT2007 news this first one is from IGN.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

New ingame footage from UT2007 Comments (0) Wowbagger 22-04-2006 19:31

Gametrailers has two new movies with Jeff Morris showing UT2007.

UT2007 beta @ VSports Allstars Comments (0) Wowbagger 15-04-2006 13:00

Selerox managed to find this gem of UT2007 news over at VSports Allstars

Apparently there will be a playable beta version of UT2007 during E3 and the V-Sports All-Star Tournament,

GGL will also sponsor a sneak-preview, hands-on demo of UT2007 as part of the tournament, matching up some of UT2004's best players on the beta version of the new game.

Edit: It seems like they have now removed everything about the beta and Epic as a sponsor.

GPM interviews Jeff Morris Comments (0) Wowbagger 20-03-2006 15:14

Theres ONE bit of new info that separates this interview with Jeff Morris from (the many) others and thats the fact that CTF-Face will return - yay

Ah well, looking at the server browser this news will make tons of people happy.

You can read it all Here

BeyondUnreal Broadcast - BuB Comments (0) Wowbagger 02-03-2006 16:30

Our own Selerox together with Brizz from BeyondUnreal have made their first Podcast in what will be a weekly series covering all things Unreal.

Visit the BuB page Here

New screenshots of UT2007 Comments (0) Wowbagger 24-02-2006 22:11

Gamespot has four new screenshots and a concept art of the Hellbender for our viewing pleasure.

Click to enlarge

Mark Rein Interview Comments (0) Wowbagger 20-02-2006 14:20

Computer and videogames has a new interview with Mark Rein.
You can read it Here.

UT2007 preview Comments (0) Wowbagger 05-01-2006 20:57

Shacknews has a new preview of UT2007.
Altho theres not much new info its still nice to see the "hype-machine" starting up.

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