Third win and were ... Comments (0) Wowbagger 10-08-2004 17:54

... in the knockouts

We played RSU Monday night.
Lots of people away (Vid and Muppet) and Cryton got HW problems

Time for Saffy, our own UnrealGrrrl, to make a comeback (first official UT2004 match) capping left and right
Solid teamplay despite new positions etc.
FCE2 5-1, 6-1 RSU

In the knockouts we will be facing Exotic island a VERY tough game.

Second game in Jolt/PCZone def Comments (0) Wowbagger 07-08-2004 13:59

We were supposed to play cF earlier this week but they had to default due to too few players.
Our next game will be vs RsU on Monday.

UT2004 Patch 3270 (Windows) Comments (0) Sundown 07-08-2004 13:55

You can download the latest patch from BeyondUnreal, Here

The linux and Mac versions are to be released soon.

EDIT: Newsitem by Wowbagger, link fixed by me

Succesful First Round Comments (0) muppet 02-08-2004 22:15

This evening we played ROCK in the first round of the Jolt CTF Cup and came out the victors.

ROCK pushed hard for the first map (Anfractuous2) and came out the winners with a score of 4-2. This meant that FCE2's only possible way of winning the match was to win the following map (January) and the decider map (Grendel.) ROCK put up a very valiant fight although they were unable to stop FCE2 from winning both maps.

2-4 3-0 5-1

Jolt/PcZone CTF Cup pooles Comments (0) Wowbagger 31-07-2004 23:49

@ The clan currently known as @ EU #@)
HFD High FiDelity Go2Host DE #hfd.ut
oG offensive-Gaming DE #mixut
void void.gaming UK #void.gaming

cow Chilled out Wargamers EU #cow
LoW Lords of War DE #low
SF Sexy Fraggers EU #sf.ut2k4
=) Smile! FR #Smile!

badct BAD Chaostroopers DE #badct.ut
Ci Carpe Imperium EU #clanci
GG GanGreen UK #gangreen
uA Unholy Alliance EU #ua.ut2k4

Fm Funky monkeys FIN #fm_fin
GOD Gods of Deathmatch EU #unreal-gods
MD Ministry of Defence EU #mdut
rebel The Rebel Soldiers DE #trs-ut

cF chosenfew EU #chosenfew
FCE2 Respawn Inc. EU #fce2
ROCK Radical Organized Camper Killers DE #rockclan
RSU Respawners United EU #rsu

DOA Disciples of Apocalypse UK #doa.ut
SC Silent Chaos UK #Silentchaos
SD ShockDemons FR #shockdemons
Venom Venom EU #clanvenom

abc another boring clan SWE #-abc-
bugX bugX DE #ut.bugX
la Lupusagmen DE #lupusagmen
MpX MPX FR #MpX.clan

exotic exotic - island PT #exotic.ut
f fear EU #fear.ut
RSi Repetitive Strain Injury UK #clanrsiut
zero zero EU #clan-zer0

Jolt/PcZone CTF Cup Opens Comments (0) muppet 27-07-2004 15:26

Jolt have sent word that their long awaited CTF Cup has opened for signups. The Cup will take place over August with Jolt providing both servers and admins. Prizes will be up for grabs!

More information can be found at:

Doom3 Gold! Comments (0) Wowbagger 14-07-2004 19:18

Totally (Un)related to our Clan stuff but as we are gamers this is pretty big news.

Today Doom3 went gold.
Its expected in Europe around 13th August.

Last week ( W28 ) - A Summary Comments (0) Wowbagger 10-07-2004 09:39

The week before was awful with lots of losses and a draw.
This week was much better

Opponent: Unholy Alliance - Friendly
uA wanted a friendly on a very short notice.
A comfortable victory altho they were better than we expected since they played their first game together in Months.
CTF-GrendelKeep 7 - 2
CTF-Orbital2 3 - 2

Opponent: Operation Extreme - Practice
Our weekly practice vs our friends oX.
Nice to beat them on grendel as we lost to them with 1-9 just two days before.
CTF-Lostfaith 2 - 0
CTF-GrendelKeep 6 - 2

Opponent: Shock Demons - A League Of Their Own (ALOTO)
Our second game in the ALOTO.
First map was on Orbital2 (SD had chosen LostFaith first but asked to have Orby2 instead)
SD attacked furiously at the beginning but after some crosscaps we managed to win.

Next was GrendelKeep, our choice, which was a much more actionfilled map.

Pic of the week
This pic is called "Where The Hell Did He Come From????"
I dropped the flag (note my health) and out of nowhere this SD guy TL and returns the flag!
If you look closely at the pick you can see that the flag is still there, Cryton has killed the guy and that the game announces that the flag is returned.
I mean cmon, how lucky can you get?

CTF-GrendelKeep 3 - 1
CTF-Orbital2 3 - 1

Opponent: Silent Chaos - ClanBase Ladder
This was our 20th game in the UT2004 ladder and what a game it was

Chrome: It didnt start well for us.
Muppet got RL stuff bugging him at start. SC took the lead directly after the pause.
Muppet fell back and did some flagroom defending (our old 2003 tactics doesnt work) making us play 1-2-2 which seemed to work much better (good initiative Muppet) and gave us some (as it happened) important caps in the end.
SC won 2-3

Orbital2: Where to begin?
Sel replaced Muppet.
We had to win with 2 caps to win the game.
Vid/Cry? capped first and there was much rejoycing(sp?)
Then SC capped and at 1-1 it looked pretty grim.
There were lots of crosscaps but also some incredible "Last Second Save"s by Sel
Vid and Cry made it (dunno who capped here tbh) 2-1 (draw) but we wanted it all
In the end Cryton managed to cap our 3rd.
We won with 3-1 and the whole game with 5-4
This game had it all and mustave been one of the tightest weve played in a long time. We only gained 2 spots tho but are on 12th place in a growing (amazing since its summer) ladder plus we got a green arrow

CTF-Chrome-LE105 2 - 3
CTF-Orbital2 3 - 1

xWP (eXtremely Well Played) guys

Heres hoping next week will be as good

A League Of Their Own Comments (1) Wowbagger 01-07-2004 15:49

This week Gangreens ALOTO league started and we enter it tonight with our first game vs FlatClan.

Edit: We lost our first game vs FlatClan
CTF-Chrome 0 - 3
CTF-Orbital2 0 - 0

New Patch Comments (1) Sundown 15-06-2004 09:53 to get to the link on UTCTF.

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