CBP2 Vol. 2 Comments (1) Sundown 30-05-2004 05:50

Get it here: http://www.planetunreal.com/cbp/

CBP2 Vol1 is out Comments (2) Wowbagger 21-05-2004 09:50

It has some really good maps and concepts.
Check this thread for the latest links,
Or just DL it from BU,

Linux 3202 patch finally here Comments (0) Wowbagger 21-05-2004 09:44

You can download it drom Beyond Unreal.

Unreal Engine 3 sneak-peek Comments (1) Cryton 13-05-2004 22:51

There are some very nice screenshots and a lot of text about the next incarnation of the Unreal Engine. It certainly looks impressive. Check it out for yourself at:

First UT2004 Patch Out v3204 Comments (0) Cryton 13-05-2004 17:55

UT2004 patch out:
- http://unreal.epicgames.com/files/ut2004-winpatch3204.exe
- http://download.factoryunreal.com/mirror/ut2004-winpatch3204.exe

CD Check removed - YAY!

Einherjer leaves FCE2 for COW Comments (1) Wowbagger 13-05-2004 17:49

Our Norwegian attacker Einherjer has left Respawn Inc.
He can now be found in COW.
GL in the new clan Ein. (come back if winning gets boring )

CB UT2004 CTF Hosted Open Cup Comments (2) Wowbagger 29-04-2004 03:51


Second League:

Group A:
Devils Nordrhein Westfalen Homepage dnrw.de IRC #devilsnrw
operation eXtreme Homepage operationx.de IRC #ox-clan
Respawn Inc. - FCE2
exotic - island Homepage exotic-team.com IRC #exotic
Unholy Alliance Homepage http://ua.afraid.org/ IRC #ua.ut2k4

in the end there were 60 clans signing up :


Final Mappool
- AbsoluteZero
- Citadel
- Grassyknoll
- Grendelkeep
- January
- Orbital2
- TwinTombs
- CampersCrossings

Changelog for UT2004 Patch Comments (0) Cryton 27-04-2004 17:00

You cab read the changelog in full length here,

First view - Unreal 3.0 Engine Comments (0) Dominion 15-04-2004 12:01

Watch this short 5 min video from Epic, narrated by Tim Sweeny showing the latest developments from the Unreal 3.0 engine. I am astounded by the hardware requirements for this engine to run at a respectable frame rate, Athlon 64 and NV40 eeek, start saving now.

Link available from eDome Finland, right click and save as.

Thanks to Beyond Unreal for the link.

Light departure Comments (3) Wowbagger 08-04-2004 10:14

On a sadder note we lost an awesome player this week

Light has decided to help his old teammates in |GG| with getting the clan going again.

Good Luck Light (and |GG|)

Knowing his extremely good aim we decided to keep his gun, just in case we meet again

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