UT2004 Demo, Less Than 2 Weeks Comments (5) Dominion 30-01-2004 16:57

The following is an extract from the Epic/Nvidia public IRC chat last night.

[MarkRein[Epic]] The demo will be out within two weeks.

Lets hope they listen to the feedback this time and not upset everyone by going gold in less than a week.

You can find some new screen shots from the last Epic focus group play test in this Atari forum thread. http://www.ataricommunity.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=345616

10th place in the CB CTF Ladde Comments (3) Wowbagger 15-01-2004 21:43

Monday: We got BADLY beaten by Smile in the CB Quad Cup.
I dont want to talk more about that
Well played Smile
First game was on December.
Venom took the lead in a very tight game that ended 1-1

Citadel, after a tight start we started capping.
No idea why it was such a difference to the first game but were not complaining
Result 10-1

GG:s Venom
Again we played Citadel and December-LE105.
Citadel: This one ended 10-1.
Its becoming a favorite map of ours.

This one was harder but we managed to win by 6-0.
WP Flatlinerz

Apart from that Monday, brr, it was a good week.

We are now at 10th place in the CB CTF Ladder.

At the moment we are also the most active clan with 5 games this Month.

Well Done everybody

A small step for... Comments (3) Wowbagger 09-01-2004 00:24

Today we jumped up from 20th place to 16th in the CB UT2003 CTF Europe Ladder by beating Red Alert by 7-1.

And no, we will not make newsposts next week when were back at 20th place

Winter-Funcup Comments (0) Sundown 06-01-2004 06:13

The WinterCup UT2K3 has started as of yesterday. Find details at http://www.wintercup-ut2k3.de.vu/

Happy New Year! Comments (8) Wowbagger 31-12-2003 23:24

Happy new year to everyone! Lets hope 2004 is even better than 2003

unrealtournament.com Launched! Comments (0) Wowbagger 11-12-2003 06:41

Atari has launched the new official site for all things UT.


It has some new pics and Weapon/Vehicles bio (even a small pic of the bomber, Phoenix)

Unreal2 XMP Demo is out Comments (0) Wowbagger 06-12-2003 10:29

Its a 150Mb Download and doesnt require U2 to be installed.

BeyondUnreal has some mirros,

New UT2004 video Comments (1) Wowbagger 15-11-2003 00:28

Tyefang from the INA forums has put together a new awesome video of the upcoming UT2004.
If youre not desperate for this game after watching it its something wrong with you

Its the best vehicular mayhem ive seen so far in a fps.

If Onslaught isnt your cup of tea you might pass this one tho.

Community Bonus Pack Comments (1) Dominion 30-10-2003 19:53

There is a new Bonus Pack out, and its from the COMMUNITY o_0 you may be thinking ewww will that be worth the download.... well hell yeah, it ROCKS!
The maps are all of Epic/DE release quality, they are reasonably open with few static meshes to get caught up on. Overall they look good and seem to play very well. Get the download from the Beyond Unreal mirrors.

UT2004 Ship Date Slips Comments (0) Dominion 30-10-2003 19:38

Well after all the speculation regarding release dates for UT2004, finaly the word from Atari themselves.

Atari and Epic Games announced today that the release date for Unreal Tournament 2004, the highly anticipated follow-up to last year's smash Unreal Tournament 2003, has been moved to February 2004.

The game was previously slated for release during the 2003 Holiday season.

Matt "PR_Flak" Frary
Senior Public Relations Manager

After the official dates for Half Life II and Doom III also slipped into 2004, I guess Epic felt the slippage could be handled with out too much negative press.

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