UT2004 Possible Slippage Comments (2) Dominion 27-10-2003 12:59

It seems that its more and more likely for UT2004 to be released in early 2004!

Here a small quote:
The latest release list from Atari Nordic doesn’t reveal any specifics about the date, so lets hope the game is going to hit the retail shelves in Q1 2004. We haven’t been given any reasons for the delay.

The core engine seems to be rdy, but they still need time for fixing/polishing & tweaking. One of the things which are still in developement is the new UWindows 2.0. But even this early alpha screen looks fantastic. Btw. the new menus will be moveable, resizable and remember their positions.

Full Screen!

Info about rebate Comments (5) Dominion 17-10-2003 22:27

A little information leeched from Beyond Unreal.

For clarification, we haven't yet decided exactly what we'll need for UT2003 proof of purchase. It seems that many people don't have their box anymore, so I'm thinking front of manual cover. It's still gonna mean some mutilation - but hey...*shrugs*

At least you'll still have the back cover to keep the key code.

So, we'll definately ask for the completed voucher that will be in the UT2004 pack, a clean, clear copy of your UT2004 receipt and the mysterious UT2003 proof of purchase. We're trying to make this process as painless as possible so that the majority of people can claim their $10.

TBH the rebate dosen't seem worth the trouble for the small amount :/

New UT2004 pictures Comments (1) Wowbagger 04-10-2003 11:25

Its too much text and no gfx on the news
So heres a pic of CTF-Moondragon.

Theres a UT2004 preview on NaliCity by Twrecks.
Nothing new except for some really nice screenshots.

First 4CL game Comments (0) Wowbagger 03-10-2003 14:44

Last night we played our first game in the 4CL.
Our opponents were abc and they tore us apart badly
Tells the story i guess.
Very well played abc

Looking at the coming games one thought replays in my head,
What have we gotten ourselves in to?

Third CB Open Cup Match Comments (5) Dominion 01-10-2003 23:33

These were our first games against Devils Nordrhein Westfalen and they turned out to be very hectic 0_o

The first map was camper crossings, a pretty cool custom map, reminisant of a Q3 style map. The teams were pretty evenly matched, the attacks from D were very well organised keeping Saffy and Selerox very busy in defence. D also had a fine defence of their own and they copped with our slightly less organised attacks very well. D finally managed to break through or excelent defending on 3 occasions, two were capped and the third ended the game on a cross cap, the D flag carrier managing to hide from our attackers untill the end of the game.

The second map was on Orbital-2, we seemed to play a lot tighter on this map, but it was the same story as before, a strong FCE2 defence with a couple of slip ups alowing D to make 2 flag captures.

D win overall 2-0 2-0
Well played to D whos team members individually were not the best players we have come across, but this was more than made up for by there well co-ordinated attacks and excelent flag carrier support

Second Open Cup Game vs Porn Comments (3) Sundown 28-09-2003 22:53

Two well fought games against a very friendly clan. The Clanbase match report can be found on the open cup news page http://www.clanbase.com/news_league.php?lid=1017

Our tactics on Citadel (yes we did have some :p) did not work, and the result was that porn were able to cap on a regular basis, we did manage to pull back a couple of caps thanks to Selerox and V1d, as well as being a bit unlucky on several cross caps. Well done to porn for their excelent FC support.
December-LE was a much closer game. Our tactics for this map worked a lot better, unfortunatley not quite good enough to stop porn capping. This map could have gone either way, there were three lengthy cross caps with porn comming out the better, again excelent flag carrier cover from porn.

I was a little dissapointed that without a clanbase admin there was no server side demo recorded, and the server also did not log stats, I know porn said they didn't want to lag the server, but the servers clans rent including our own should be up to it in my opinion.

EDIT: Sunny fixed the link, Report by Dominion...

UT2004 Trailer Released Comments (2) Dominion 26-09-2003 23:07

Here's an excert from Beyond Unreal

The official UT2004 trailer has been released, and is now available via the BeyondUnreal Download System -- no registration, no queues, just speedy downloads from four mirrors across the globe! The trailer requires the latest DivX codec.

They have a link to it on their front page beyondunreal.com go get some
This has been produced by one of the Atari forumites Tye Fang, it is very good although a bit short in my opinion, worth a download

New UT2004 video footage Comments (1) Dominion 19-09-2003 18:12

There has been another UT2004 video released and by the accounts of the Atari forumites in this Thread its supposed to be pretty impressive. I will give you more info when my download is complete

You can get the download links from the forum thread above, there is a subscriber only thread at file planet, and at least one free mirror up at file front, expect more mirrors soon.

Oh yeah baby it rocks

First CB cup match vs JhF Comments (1) Matruder 18-09-2003 06:59

Tuesday night @ 21:00 CET we had our first CB match vs JhF
from Israel. We played on a german server provided by clanbase.
As we suspected JhF had a lot higher ping than us. I recall
our average being 60:ish and their 140:ish. Maps played where
Chrome and ProgressiveSteel.
We managed to win both maps but JhF really did their best
dispite the circumstances. Worth noting was their really skilled TL
usage that fooled ,at least me , several times. They had good
movements and fragging skills that were hampered by high ping (as expected).
Hats of for JhF and gl in the future cup games.
Final cap scores Chrome: 2-0 Progressive: 3-0.
Read the CB-report here:

CTF-Coret-Classic up for test Comments (4) Dominion 14-09-2003 18:35

Well after about a month of hard work and a steep learning curve CTF-Coret-Classic is ready for its first public Beta testing. I have almost entirely kept to the original layout, and I have used most of the original textures from UT, this was to make it instantly identifiable as Coret and hence the CLASSIC tag instead of 2K3. The map has been significantly scaled up to accomodate the new Gene Boosted gameplay dynamics of UT2003's Dodge and Boost jumping.
I am looking for some feed back on things like bot performance, lighting or map bugs. You can download it here http://homepage.ntlworld.com/major-kira/Coret-Classic-Beta3.zip

The first is the flag room

This is the Flack room

And finaly entering the lower corridor.

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