Battlefield 3 this fall Comments (0) Wowbagger 05-02-2011 11:23

Teaser: No gameplay though


What is known

* Will support DX11 and DX10 exclusively. (No DX9)
* Multiplatform - PC,PS3,and XBOX360.
* Is using Frostbite 2.0.
* To be unveiled on March 1st.
* locust9 or David Goldfarb is the lead gameplay designer for BF3.
* Use of 64-bit OS and quad-core CPU recommended.
* No support of Windows Xp.
* Beta access with MOH Limited & T1 editions.
* Beta by October 12,2011
* PC version will get special attention.
* Prone
* Jets
* 64 online multiplayer (PC)
* Full Single Player Campaign
* Co-op Campagin


Elder Scrolls 5 announced Comments (0) Wowbagger 12-12-2010 10:54

This is news that probably will make all roleplayers happy.
The games is supposed to be out a year from now.
Heres the teaser,


New extended trailer released Comments (0) Wowbagger 12-12-2010 10:43

Click to enlarge

If this trailer doesnt raise your interest nothing will. The game will be released "early 2011"


14 minutes of Tera Comments (0) Wowbagger 12-12-2010 10:32

Heres 14 minutes of Tera Berserker Class gameplay in glorius HD.
The game is supposed to be released in early 2011.


The Sacrifice is out! Comments (0) Wowbagger 05-10-2010 20:32

The second DLC for L4D2 (and L4D) is out for your downloading pleasure.
At the same time Valve are cutting the prices on both games, 6,79 Euro each or 10,19 Euro for both.

Heres how Valve describes this DLC,
"The Sacrifice" is the prequel to "The Passing," and takes place from the L4D Survivors' perspective as they make their way South. In addition to advancing the story, "The Sacrifice" introduces a new style finale featuring "Sacrificial Gameplay" where players get to decide who will give their life so the others may live.


Dyeing in Guild Wars 2 Comments (0) Wowbagger 29-09-2010 04:34

Kristen Perry writes about how the dyeing works in Guild Wars 2 and why they removed mixing of colors.

In the picture below you can see how much different two otherwise identical characters look just by using the Dyes differently.


L4D2 Comic part 2 Comments (0) Wowbagger 21-09-2010 21:00

The second chapter of Valves L4D comic is up.

Click to enlarge


L4D2 Comic part 1 Comments (0) Wowbagger 15-09-2010 04:23

The first chapter of Valves L4D comic is up. It supposedly tells the story between L4D and L4D2.
Its four parts with one chapter released each Tuesday leading up to the release of the next DLC for the game, The Sacrifice.

Click to enlarge


GW2 at Gamescom 2010 Comments (0) Wowbagger 28-08-2010 17:25

During Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, there was a veritable information storm all things Guild Wars 2. The playable demo consisted of two areas basically, the starter area with the player creation (the customization was disabled in this demo)

and a midlevel (40ish) Charr area.

Back in the US 150 emplyees helped out by filling out these areas.
For the first time players could see for themselves if the bold statements from A-net were true.
Also, instead of revealing the next class, The Necromancer, on their homepage as usual they had included it in the demo . It was later added to the homepage with additional information and videos.

In true A-net style (they really like special events) they took this group picture of the before mentioned employees at the end of Gamescom.

High res version

Theres way too many videos around the net to link all of them but theres many more in the forumpost.

Guild wars 2 won Gamescoms best online game award.

Diablo 3 crafting revealed Comments (0) Wowbagger 28-08-2010 10:47

Just before Gamescon Blizzard revealed how the crafting works in their next installment in the Diablo series.In this video Jay Wilson describes it in detail.


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