ReReRerecruiting Spreee e e! Comments (2) Wowbagger 10-09-2003 22:10

A big welcome to both Selerox and V1d that joined us tonight

I hope you guys will enjoy it here as much as i have

Welcome our newest member, Comments (3) Wowbagger 03-09-2003 23:15



4 Clan League Comments (0) Wowbagger 18-08-2003 15:12

This is a relaxed league were trying to form with friendly clans that know eachother one way or the other.
During the somewhat dead periods (like now) it can be usefull to have something like this.

Were gonna focus on the fun part but with the extra "edge" that a League Table offers

Head on over to our all new 4 Clan League forum,

Welcome our newest member, Comments (3) Wowbagger 07-08-2003 16:46

Welcome to Respawn Inc.

UT2004 news + new media Comments (0) Wowbagger 07-08-2003 15:39

Gamespy has some new info on UT2004.
Theres also some new screens.


Interview with CliffyB

Theres an excellent UT2004 thread with lots of info on our Forum here,

WirePlay CTF League is over Comments (1) Wowbagger 16-07-2003 21:10

What was meant to be our first WirePlay League match ended up to be our last. RA replaced a clan i dont even remember the name of that left WPL early.

Game 1 11-2
Not much to say, we took an early solid lead and was never really threatened. I "think" this was Berserks first UT2003 league game and he loved it im sure

Game 2 11-2
RA started strong and kept the scores pretty even.
This of course raised questions in our team who the hell played where etc (you gotta love VoiceCom )
After a while we got things sorted and could win with the exactly same score as in the first game.

We have practiced against RA (really good sports) before and it has been much tighter games then.


This was our last WPL game and as i write this it looks like we will end up in 3rd or maybe 4th place in Div3 depending on the remaining PP games.

God knows weve been struggling with very few active players (5-6 and once 4) and with that in mind a 3rd place is pretty good imo.

So heres to the guys in FCE2 that have kept this clan alive (you know who you are ) and thanks to the WP guys that worked hard to get this NEW League through season1.

Also big thanks to Ci that has been our practice partners during the whole WP League.

It looks like we will recruit a fair amount of new members for the Autumn season which makes me feel that we will be even stronger in the future.

Well Played Guys!

Catalyst 3.6 released! Comments (1) Berserk 16-07-2003 09:51

ATI released their new catalyst drivers, with some small bugfixes...
- The game Unreal Tournament 2003 no longer hangs when loading the CTF-December level

You can grab it here ->

Lots of new mods & soundfix Comments (0) Berserk 14-07-2003 09:41

Jungle Warfare Beta 1

Jungle Warfare Beta 1 Released! The typical story, good vs bad but this time they fight it out in the jungle... Check it out here ->

Unreal Speed 1.5

Version 1.5 of Unreal Speed the racing mod for UT2k3 has been released. The latest version brings new camera types, all new cars, improved bot support, and more. Check it out here ->

FaceOff Alpha

Some kind of Tactical Ops for UT2K3. But dont start hissing, TO is the most played mod on UT so a better version for UT2K3 could help our community.
Check it out here ->

UT2003 Sound Fix
An updated DefOpenAL32.dll (v0.9.9.1) fixing spatialization issues with the default software mixer can be downloaded here. The file belongs in the UT2003/System folder. Afaik it also solves several Soundproblems (only when u use Software Modus)!

Return of XMP for U2 Comments (0) Wowbagger 04-07-2003 20:57

What do you know, Mark Rein let us know that Legend will put "back" XMP into U2 with a free download

For those that didnt follow U2 way back, XMP was Legends much awaited Muliplayer Gametype (eXtendedMultiPlayer)

Im off for some skiing in hell

Patch 1.4 out some day ago Comments (0) Matruder 13-06-2003 11:20

This patch is larger than the 1.31 and
adds a lot of fixes on server, client
and game play side plus some physics
fixes too. IMHO the option to run a
pure server is one of the more useless
things since most players have custom maps
installed which they dont want to move
or delete.
Overall it's a good patch.

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