WirePlay Week1 is over Comments (0) Wowbagger 07-05-2003 21:05

WirePlay week1 ended today.
It was a rough start with some clans not showing and shaky servers but it was all sorted overnight and todays games (Div1) ran flawlessly.

We won (by Default sorry to say) our first game in the WirePlay League.

Battle For Europe, BFE Comments (1) Matruder 24-04-2003 13:54

For those of you who are interested in
big tactical battles check it out.

A quote from the "About" info:

"World at War is a tournament-style campaign game for Battlefield 1942. Unlike a clan ladder or other online tournament, World at War players will participate in a simulated war, complete with commanding officers, divisions, and a grand strategy map showing the progress of the war from week to week. Think of it as a cross between a strategy board game and a first-person shooter, where you can immerse yourself in realistic WW2 environments and strategy."

Yours truly is currently assigned with
the UK 12th Infantry Division.

Patch 2225 final [Updated] Comments (1) Wowbagger 23-04-2003 06:49

The beta-patch 2225 is now final. Grab it here: ftp://ftp.infogrames.net/misc/ut2003/ut2003-winpatch2225.exe

This Patch also supports the new Epic brightskins that you can download here,

WirePlay Postponed Comments (0) Wowbagger 21-04-2003 13:23

Due to lack of Admins the WirePlay CTF League has been postponed to 6th May.

Div3 replacement Comments (0) Wowbagger 20-04-2003 11:52

nF replaces rSu (Respawners United) that sadly had to give up due to too few active players.
Heres a WP for WirePlay Week1.


WirePlay CTF League Start date Comments (0) Wowbagger 13-04-2003 00:03

The league start date is Tuesday 22nd April for Division 2 and 3 and Wednesday 23rd April for Division 1.


Match day : Tuesday

Division 3 : 8pm GMT
Division 2 : 9pm GMT

Match day : Wednesday
Division 1 : 8pm GMT

Division 3

[nuclF] Nuclear Fission (new clans in)
[DoW] Dogs of War
[ttf] les TonTons Flingueurs
rSu Respawners United
[SKR] Slobberknocker
[=FBA=] FuMeTaS BoRRaChOs AsEsInOs
[GOD] Gods of Deathmatch
[TFA] The friendly Alliance
FCE2 Respawn Inc
[Ci] Carpe Imperium

CTF-Chrome LE105
CTF-Lostfaith LE105

A big Welcome to Dominion Comments (2) Wowbagger 01-04-2003 21:48

As of today we have a new member, Dominion

Welcome m8 and heres hoping you will have a good time in this clan

Watch your kids!!! Comments (5) Berserk 14-03-2003 07:08

Ok, so we played {DUST} - Angel-Dust yesterday. At first: it was great fun to play and a very friendly athmosphere, both before and after the game! Thanks for some great fun, DUST!

About the game: at first we had some problems finding a server. Funny thing: not because of ping problems, but because of a server problem with DUST's server (which seemed to be alright for both) and us having none to offer.
At 21.45 CET we were able to get a BW-server booked and ... started to wait for Kjell, who was so kind to join after Glyph had trashed his PC trying to fix his random freezes. Again, DUST were very patient and waited a long time without whining. Real sports!

First map was Chrome LE1.05. It was a fierce battle with lots of pickups by both and heavy combo and flakspam in the middle. In the end they got a confortable 5-1 win there.
2nd map LavaGiant *** (dunno which one exactly, it had a mountain in the middle ). Looked like we were a little better here, with ferral defending with his 1337 lighning/shock/mini/plasma and us other running around like chicken occasionally picking up flags or returning ours. Final result: 3-1 to us First mapwin in an official UT2003-CTF-match.
So off to the decider: after a little confusion we found out: Citadel is the decider map.
This was a real blast, I think. Very fast paced and spammy, but really funny to play. They got a 5-1 lead, we pulled back to 5-3 and then lost a stalemate to make it 3-6. Final result: 4-7 to DUST... so after all: yet another defeat.
Conclusion: as I said: great game and great fun. Felt better to actually have a chance to win a game.

And now: as I said I'll get out and pick up a random bunch of 2 year olds. You better watch out!

Next CB match Comments (0) Sundown 13-03-2003 10:22

Ok, so tonight we will play {DUST} - Angel-Dust. I hope it will be better than last times. If we lose again, I'll go out, pick a random bunch of 2 year olds, give them a tag and we play them.

Epic BonusPack1 is out! Comments (0) Wowbagger 11-03-2003 22:30

Grab it here,


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