Comments (0) Sundown 06-03-2003 21:55

Well, it's getting a kind of habit in UT2003 to get slaughtered. We lost to |i| - iMMiNENCE quite badly (0-4 and 0-11 if I remember correctly)...
I guess in future I'll in order not to get to play again.

Old battle / new battle Comments (0) Sundown 06-03-2003 19:19

Well, yesterday we played the first war in the OpenCup... opponent: [-u-] - [-u-]nderground.
Well, it was the we were afraid of. We lost 0-3 and 0-7 - details in the matches section. GG and congrats to u for a fair and funmatch!!
The rest is

Tonight we will be facing |i| - iMMiNENCE. Let's see what we can do, take it away.

Happy BDay, Respawn! Comments (5) Sundown 02-03-2003 10:56

Yep, it's official: Respawn Inc. is 3 years old now!

Clanbase OpenCup Comments (0) Sundown 01-03-2003 21:24

It's official now: we have joind the ClanBase Opencup, division 2a.

Let's rock!

Jolt Multileague is shut down Comments (4) Wowbagger 27-02-2003 22:46

[23:19:33] *** Q changes topic to ' - Congratualtions'

Jolt match vs. Px Comments (0) Sundown 27-02-2003 21:13

Today we played the next CTF-match in the Jolt-multileague against -]px[- - Phoenix -]px[-.
Maps to be played in this really entertaining match were Geothermal and Unearthed.
First map showed a lot of stand offs, the first 2 were lost by us, so they got a confortable 2-0 lead. After that we started to do better, and managed to close the gap 1-2 by ferral (picking up a flag dropped by Feryar and Liquid.Snake, I guess).
But time ran away, so we lost..

After that we thought that after our amazing 2 praccies on that map Unearthed was our home... well, they started with like 4 caps in the beginning, defending with minis and doing some good coordinated attacks... again, when facing defeat, we got better and made it 1-4 with a speedcap by Feryar.
The last 2 or 3 minutes went by with both teams holding the enemies flag and hiding, without the FC's being found. Final result: FCE2 1 - 4 Px

GGs, all, was great fun!

TTM Beta 2.3a released! Comments (3) Berserk 27-02-2003 18:40

The list of fixes, changes & new features is way too long but since this file is rather small ->

Btw. it needs Patch 2199 to run!

New UT Patch out (440) Comments (0) Berserk 27-02-2003 18:34

Although this patch is only for servers it fixes some some 'holes' in the ut engine.

- Implemented fixes provided by Epic to resolve exploit holes in UT Core files.
- Resource "lunch" bug fixed
- DoS bug fixed
- Fake Player bug fixed
- Added Team information to query protocol (off by default)
- Provides team score and size information for team based games
- Fixed UCC buffer overflow
- Updates Engine Version to 440

If you are an serveradmin u can grab it here ->

GF FX Cards soon in store! Comments (1) Berserk 27-02-2003 18:23

The first NVIDIA GeForce FX Cards are finally delivering to the stores!

In case u forgot how this monster looks:

As we all know, the cooler is rather loud but dont worry about the sound, Termaltake will release an heat pipe cooling solution soon...

Official UT2K3 patch (2199) Comments (0) Sundown 16-02-2003 08:25

The new patch (which should be similar to the beta with the same number, just beta removed) 2199 is out!

Get it here:

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