Jolt multileague Comments (1) Sundown 12-01-2003 12:45

We've signed up for the Jolt-Multileague (UT2K3, TDM and CTF).
Details can be found here:
Let's get ready to rumble!

MP Demo patch 9/1 Comments (1) Matruder 07-01-2003 15:34

AFAIK there will be an update on the
multiplayer demo version of Raven Shield:

Patch Comments (8) Glyph 03-01-2003 16:11

Seems the patch is back where it belonged..... in the beta version :/

Merry christmas! Comments (0) Sundown 24-12-2002 08:34

Retail patch released Comments (2) Sundown 20-12-2002 12:31

The new patch 2166 is released!!
Get it here:

UT2003 BETA patch 2164 Comments (3) Wowbagger 14-12-2002 15:00

Edit: apparantly theres now a 2164 patch and using that clientside Demorec now works
Heres the extra stuff that differs between 2153 and 2164.
Also alot of people claim a increase of 10+ in FPS.

Next patch *Will* have client-side demo recording
We've got client side demo recording working in the latest beta version of the patch. Here's some other things we've fixed in the latest version (since the patch change list was posted).

- Client side demo recording!
- fixed karma level changing crash
- fixed dropping empty bio rifle gives you 20 ammo
- fixed demo spectating allowing you to switch between all players
- fixed use of bShowMessageText
- fixed umod installer
- another fix for weapons not firing
- fixed HUD WeaponBar infinite loop crash
- fixed a few other very infrequent crashes
- play own footstep sounds with weaponbob false unless set
[UnrealGame.UnrealPawn] bPlayOwnFootSteps=false in user.ini
- more sound prioritization improvements

Steven Polge
Epic Games

New scheme in forum Comments (0) Sundown 14-12-2002 10:37

Hi guys,
RaptoR was so kind to adept our forum's colorscheme to match with the style of the page.
So test it by using the Forum-button on the left!

Our Forum has moved Comments (4) Wowbagger 08-12-2002 01:29

You can find it here:

Also read this:
ATM you won't be able to see your private forums. Please have all the members you want to see you private forums register, and then give me their usernames. The same goes for moderators, have them register and I'll add them. Also, user accounts were not imported, you'll need to register again and then I'll run a script that will credit your old posts to your new user account.

Thanks for your patience in this matter,


This is Unreal! Comments (1) Wowbagger 07-12-2002 14:37

Im no DM:r but this map is fun to play AND looks and feels like a Unreal map should imo.

Patch 1.2 is OUT! Comments (0) Wowbagger 28-11-2002 06:06

Download it here...
Its only US retail tho?
Update: The Euro patch is out now too.
Apparantly its identical to the US patch :wierd:

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