Planetside Empires Comments (0) Wowbagger 27-11-2002 21:46

You gotta love Planetside DevĀ´s ideas.
Heres the 3 sides you can choose.

Which side will YOU join?

Patch 1.2 , final testing? Comments (1) Sundown 27-11-2002 10:18

I'd like to beleive the news flash on
GameSpot but I dunno . I guess it's
the good old "When it's done"...,10870,2898739,00.html

Bonus Pack Interview Comments (1) Matruder 27-11-2002 10:14

Here is an interesting bonuspack interview
with CliffyB.

UT2003 IRC Reporter Bot Comments (0) Wowbagger 25-11-2002 22:44

According to BU theres a UT2003 IRC Reporter Bot released.

Clanmeeting Comments (1) Sundown 23-11-2002 21:52

To get this page started officially, here's a nice picture from our clanmeeting in august.
What a bunch of geeks

List of fixes for next patch Comments (1) Wowbagger 19-11-2002 05:00

Head over to for the full list.

Update: Steven Polge has confirmed that Demorec will be in the next patch.
Also, Dr. Sin confirmed that UWindows 2.0 is being worked on.
Last but not least CliffyB gave a sneek peak of the upcoming Bonuspack.

View the full size version at BU

UT2003 at MTV Comments (0) Wowbagger 19-11-2002 04:58

Apparently MTV will cover the CPL,
"The CPL has received preliminary confirmation that MTV will be filming at The CPLĀ® PentiumĀ® 4 Processor Winter 2002 Event. The one-hour documentary series, called "True Life" will track a CPL participant through practice, travel, competition and aftermath. The show will focus on the CPL $30,000 Unreal Tournament 2003 Winter Championship"
News blatantly ripped from Beyond Unreal

Calendar Comments (1) Sundown 17-11-2002 14:01

Updated, but I'm not satisfied. I'd be happy if anyone could try to create a good looking version.
Btw: Wow, I need to get some new icons for Win/Draw/Loss, as the colors are painful in the overall look of the page. And some smaller game icons as well.
Thanx a lot for all your work!

Matches section Comments (2) Sundown 17-11-2002 09:19

Yesterday I was disconnected from the internet due to ISP problems, so I decided to continue a little with trying to find a solution for the warpage... I have changed the looks, it still sucks, but better than nothing.
Calendar will follow, so I guess we can soon declare this page open...
I'd still appreciate input, guys!!

RS MP Demo Out! Comments (4) Sundown 14-11-2002 16:16

The Demo is out. Get it here

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